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Sword Craft Online
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If you are a Minecraft fan, you might already be aware of the various RPG mod packs available with it. One such mod pack that has gained significant popularity over the past few years is Sword Craft Online. The RPG mod pack is inspired by Sword Art Online, a Japanese light novel series.

Let’s talk about what Sword Craft Online is and how you can play it.

What Are Minecraft Mod Packs?

A Minecraft mod pack refers to a collection of mods combined into a pack. Once packed, these mods undergo strategic optimization to reduce lag and increase game quality. A question that might come to your mind is whether you can play a single mod instead of a mod pack. The answer is yes, you can. However, some players want to play multiple mods at once. If you are one of them, mod packs can be the right pick for you.

In most cases, these mod packs are unique to specific themes, such as space exploration, open world, adventure & RPG, magic, realism, mining, etc. You can determine which category or theme you want to play and choose your mod pack as per your needs.

Sword Craft Online

Sword Craft Online

What Is Sword Craft Online?

Sword Craft Online is a Minecraft server mod pack based on the Japanese novel series Sword Art Online. When you install this mod pack, you get an array of features and items from the sequel to the game.

Moreover, you get an exclusive server preinstalled. The server provides players with a vast world and several non-player characters (NPCs) or humanoid characters.

If you’re wondering what Sword Art Online is, here is a quick explanation.

Sword Art Online is a Japanese anime series. The novel series was released in 2002 and ran till 2008, while the light novel series has been running since 2009. The events in the series occur in the near future, where the protagonists play and survive through several massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) worlds.

The series became popular, and soon, it made its way to the gaming industry. Several games, like the Black Swordsman and SEO Alternative, took inspiration from Sword Art Online.

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Soon, Sword Craft Online found its way to Minecraft mod packs. Since then, it has been one of the most popular mod packs in Minecraft.

How to Install Sword Craft Online Mod Pack?

Now that we have discussed what Sword Craft Online mod pack is and what its origins are, let’s look at a step-by-step process to download and install it. Here’s how you can install the Sword Craft Online mod pack.

  • Install Overwolf and Curseforge. The standard step in installing any Minecraft mod pack is to install Overwolf and Curseforge. Overwolf is an all-in-one platform for developing, sharing, and monetizing in-game mods and apps. The next step is to install Curseforge. It is a platform where you can either create and publish mods or download and use them. You’ll need to install both to use the mod pack.
  • The next step is to create a Curseforge account. Only those with a Twitch account can create an account on Curseforge. So, be sure to make a Twitch account first.
  • Once you log into your account, select Minecraft as the game for which you want to choose a mod pack. Search from Sword Craft Online to find the mod. Once you find the mod, click on Install to install it.
  • To install this mod pack, you’ll also need to install the Technic Launcher. Follow this page for more installation details.

A Few Considering for Downloading and Using the Mod Pack

Players may come across a few issues when using this mod pack. A common problem many players face is they can’t join the server and get the “Invalid Session” error. If the same happens with you, close Minecraft and your Launcher and then reopen them.

Sword Craft Online

Sword Craft Online

If you can’t download the mod pack, the chances are that your Java isn’t fully updated, or you don’t have enough RAM allocated to Technic. Be sure to fully update your Java and assign at least 2-4 GB of RAM to Technic.

Lastly, if you’re not sure whether the server is online, check the Cardinal Discord bot. If the bot is online, it means the server is online. If the bot is offline, so is the server.

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Top 5 Other Minecraft Mods to Play

If you’re not a Sword Art Online fan, you may not like the Sword Craft Online mod. In that case, here are some other popular mods you can try.

  • Waystones: The Waystones mod is similar to the standard Minecraft gameplay, though it adds two new commands: “home” and “warp.” The mod adds waystones throughout the realm that can be used for teleporting.
  • Blood Magic: As the name suggests, the mod adds elements of black magic to your gameplay. It can be gruesome and terrifying, so player discretion is advised. You can create several items like Hellfire Forge, Blood Altar, crystals, and more.
  • Ensorcellation: If you’re looking for new enchantments in your gameplay, check out the ensorcellation mod. This mod adds over 30 enchantments to the map, including enchantments of shields, weapons, and armors.
  • Astral Sorcery: In standard Minecraft, the sky and stars only play an aesthetic role. But by installing the Astral Sorcery mod, you can explore the realm beyond the land. You find an Astral Sorcery journal that teaches you how to use the power of constellations and light.
  • Ice and Fire: If you’re a Game of Thrones fan (or even if you’re not), you’ll absolutely love this mod. With this mod, you can have dragons on the map, along with various other mythic characters like hydras, pixies, and lichens. If you want to add a mythological touch to your game, this mod will be an ideal pick.

Conclusion: Sword Craft Online

Sword Craft Online is a popular Minecraft mod pack that adds the elements of the Japanese anime series Sword Art Online to the game. The mod is an excellent pick for Sword Art Online fans. If you want to install this mod, follow the installation steps discussed above. If you’re not fond of Sword Art Online, you can choose from the five other mods discussed later.

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