Best open world games for PS4 gamers that you will enjoy

best open world games
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Are you fed up with playing a game in the same way again and again? How about a game with endless options? If so, you ought to try open world games in your PC or PS4. They are also packed with thrills, adventure, and non-player characters. These best open world games will keep you busy during the vacation season with exotic locations and nerve-wracking quests:

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in a war-torn world

This game is next-generation entertainment with stunning visuals and brilliant landscapes. It is the story of monster slayer Geralt and his epic quest. The Wild Hunt has everything you can ask for recreation. It has perfect characters, helpful poltergeists, and innocent civilians. Simultaneously, the bloodthirsty creatures lurking in the shadows will keep you on the edge of your seat. You have to move through dirty country roads and resolve many a mystery along the way.

Red Dead Redemption 2: a survival masterpiece

In this versatile game, you will find spectacular details and exotic regions. Help Dutch Van Der Linde and his outlaw gang stay alive. The survival spectacle has a murder mystery, adventure, and challenging goals. The action-packed game comes with thrilling activities, creative outfits, and even a vampire.

Ghost of Tsushima: best open world game with beauty

Enjoy an adventure-filled time as the samurai Jin Sakai fights off Mongols. The story is not just about swords, blood, and combat thrills. You will have to go through the Zen experience and come up with Haikus. And the beautiful game has a simple UI with exciting elements, like hot springs, birds, wind, wilderness, and shrines.

Far Cry 5: award-winning resistance game

Far Cry 5 is far better than its predecessors in quality and content. In this shooter game, you navigate the picturesque Montana region. The entire landscape opens up for you to glide, sprint, and drive. And you will have a dog, bear, or mountain lion for a pet. Of course, the doomsday cult’s outpost destruction is your target like the past versions. The other exploits at Eden’s Gate involve cows, bulls, and escapes, which is one of the most intriguing factors of this game.

Horizon Zero Dawn: vibrant and awe-inspiring

Horizon Zero Dawn is a phenomenal game with lush greenery and terrifying robots. You take on the role of Aloy and help uncover her past. This original adventure has a fantastic range of weapons and beautiful surroundings. You will love the side quests and enjoy both the new game+ and photo modes.

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim fantasy in stunning detail

The best open world games take you into an unforgettable fantasy world. Similarly, Elder Scrolls 5 has an action-packed map leading you into an imaginary world. You will see bandits, giants, animated skeletons, necromancers, and ruins. And slay dragons near a village inn, or impale strange creatures with sharp weapons. It has innumerable quests and wild adventures that will engage you for hundreds of hours.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins of the mysterious epic

The thrilling series, set in Ancient Egypt, is buzzing with activity. You play Bayek and travel through ancient villages and towns. The hidden tombs and Great Pyramids offer spectacular sights, while the side quests are full of stories. You can also fight hippos and crocodiles or go deep-sea diving to locate new ruins. The memorable quest also includes peaceful sojourns, surprises, and Easter eggs.

Grand Theft Auto 5: metropolis open world game with enhanced thrills

This game is an all-time classic filled with hunting missions and immersive chaos. Drive around busy streets, and enjoy the attractive scenery. Exploit the full potential of this game and manipulate diverse NPCs. Take part in spectacular action sequences with police fights, shark stabbings, and sky diving. You can also track down a serial killer in this supremely entertaining product.

Fallout 4: best open world games for exploration

This post-apocalyptic game is just too colorful to ignore. You will have a lot of freedom to complete the game in multiple methods. Fallout 4 has spectacular quests, investigative mysteries, looting, and haunted houses. You can travel along the freedom trail, liberate synths, or build a settlement or a factory.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey- open world Greek game

This ancient Greek epic is another game of Assassin’s Creed with exciting storylines and astonishing revelations. You can either play the mercenary Alexios or Kassandra. There are dialogue options for the first-timers in this valuable game. And you can have great adventures involving murders, romance, and mythical monsters too.

Dragon Age: Inquisition to save the world

Dragon Age is one of the best open world games with a gripping story set in a fantasy world. You will progress through various levels and solve a lot of side quests on the journey. And you will have a bunch of very talented companions on the side. Take your time and gain the power to unlock various missions and earn great rewards. Also, you can move ahead fast by avoiding romance and paying attention to the war room.

Watch Dogs 2: a mix of stealth and action

This sequel opens up a dynamic and technological world that is full of potential. You gain complete control over various hi-tech gadgets in this game. The thrills multiply as you hack into phones and unleash chaos. But to create more mischief, you have to gain followers by completing missions.

Just Cause 3: thrilling stunts and maneuvers

Take the role of Rico Rodriguez, and unleash chaos on Medici island. Build up an envious arsenal and destroy your enemies with these weapons. Gain unlimited power over the province, and create absolute mayhem. This game offers you rocket launchers, parachutes, RPG shotguns, and more.

No Man’s Sky: best open world game for survival

This updated version has a wide array of features and changes. The game offers an open galaxy with alien wildlife and spacesuits. You can become an interstellar explorer and voyage around the star system. This survival adventure has new lore, NPC interactions, 30 hours of stories, VR support, ride-able aliens, and an innovative social hierarchy.

Borderlands 2: unique and inventive sequel

This shooter game offers unstoppable action from the outset. It has an impressive storyline and an incredible arsenal of guns. You can kill inimical creatures and find loot on a side mission. Moreover, the challenging adventure lets you strategize on a different level altogether. And it has pop cultural references, lewd jokes, secret areas, and a super-secretive Extra Wubs mode.

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