Top 5 Benefits of Link Building You Should Know

Benefits of Link Building
Written by Priya Bhagtani

If you have landed on this page, it means that you are not completely unfamiliar with the term ‘link building’, and also that you are willing to gain knowledge about it. Whether you are a newbie in the field of digital marketing or an entrepreneur interested in learning about link building, this blog post will definitely help you.

Benefits of link building compel individuals running business enterprises (especially online business enterprises) and individuals working in the digital marketing field to acquire as much information as possible about link building.

Benefits of Link Building

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Entrepreneurs cannot think about operating a business without having a digital presence in today’s time. Activities related to creating and maintaining digital assets, such as a website and social media profiles are involved in building a digital presence. You need to carry out various types of tasks to ensure that your digital assets are created and maintained properly.

One of such tasks is link building – It plays an important role in keeping your website in the good books of search engines like Google and Bing. Link building is an essential search engine optimization technique. Though you might already know, we have still explained the meaning of link building in simple words here.

What Essentially Is Link Building?

Link building involves earning links from other reputable and authoritative sites. It means that other sites link back to your website through text, images, or any other form of media. In order to earn links, other sites must find the content on your website useful and interesting.

So, if you want to reap the benefits of link building, the first point you should keep in mind is that you need to create content that others find worth browsing and sharing. Another point that you should know is that the websites that link back to your site must have impressive domain authority and relevant content.

Benefits of Link Building

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When search engines notice that other websites are linking back to your website, they take it as a signal that your website is trustworthy. Search engines believe that your website provides value to the users. It is perceived that your site is an authoritative website when it comes to the niche, industry, or category your website belongs to.

As you might be aware, search engines consider a variety of factors to determine the ranking of your site. One of the factors is ‘backlinks’, i.e., links earned from other websites. With the increase in the number of backlinks, the domain authority (which is an important metric for websites) automatically gets improved. When the domain authority increases, the ranking of your website also gets improved. Many other benefits of link building also exist. Let’s have a look at the top 5 benefits below.

Top 5 Benefits of Link Building: Explained in a Succinct Manner

We are sure that after reading the above paragraphs, you must be excited to know how link building can help your website or the websites of your clients. Well, link building can help you in a ton of ways. But we have covered only a few benefits of link building here. It’s not possible to cover every point related to link building in a single blog post. We have explained the benefits in a clear and succinct manner.

1. Improved Website Metrics

We have shared earlier in this blog post how you can improve the metrics of your website with the help of link building. Let’s understand it in a better way. Backlinks obtained from other sites can increase several search engine optimization metrics. When link building is done right, it can result in higher domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), domain rating (DR), PageRank (PR), URL rating (UR), and Alexa Rank.

Benefits of Link Building

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Domain authority and page authority are search engine ranking scores developed by Moz. These two scores predict or measure the probability of a website to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). Domain rating is a metric developed by Ahrefs that maintains the database of backlink profiles of different websites. This metric shows the strength of a backlink profile of a website in comparison to other websites in the database of Ahrefs on a 100-point scale.

URL rating has also been developed by Ahrefs. It shows the strength of a link profile of a single webpage on a 100-point scale. PageRank is an important factor in the algorithm used by Google to rank websites. Alexa rank is a global website popularity ranking system created by Alexa Internet company.

2. Boost in Website Traffic

When the content displayed on other websites has a hyperlink that points towards a page on your website, the users of those sites might reach your website by clicking on the link. Thus, your site gets more exposure in terms of new audience groups. You can try to get backlinks from relevant websites, i.e., websites whose users are also a part of your target audience.

A boost in website traffic is one of the significant benefits of link building. Along with the increase in the number of users coming from other sites, you will also notice an increase in the number of users who directly click on your website from the search engine result pages. You may ask, ‘why?’. Well, the answer is simple – just like we told you earlier – backlinks increase domain authority – which in turn move your website up in rankings. When your website is amongst the top results on search engines, it will naturally get more traffic.

3. Increased Visibility


Benefits of Link Building

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If you are managing an eCommerce website or a non-ecommerce website, or if you are handling ecommerce and non-ecommerce websites of your clients, you need to remember an important fact. It’s not enough to build a website. You need to ensure that your site has the maximum possible visibility. One of the benefits of link building is that it increases the visibility of your website.

4. Better Content

In order to earn links from other websites, you need to create content that compels the owners or operators of other sites to link back to your site. Moreover, the content you create should be relevant to the content published on the sites you want to get links from. You get motivated to develop engaging content if you want to get the benefits of link building.

5. Higher Reputation

In the world of search engine optimization, the reputation of a website matters a lot. Site reputation is not a metric that can be calculated in numbers. The reputation of a website gets built over time on the basis of factors, such as bounce rates, time spent by users on a website, and actions performed by users on a website.

When users reach your website by clicking on a link present on a site they trust, they start trusting your site as well. They start believing that your website has valuable information. Thus, your site starts becoming credible.

Just like we mentioned earlier, link building offers numerous benefits. You just need to use the link building technique wisely. Many misconceptions exist regarding this technique, so you should think prudently at every step. You can also use link building to increase your followers on the social media accounts of your business.


You should create a link building strategy that meets your specific requirements by conducting a considerable amount of research.

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