Top 7 Upcoming Games on Google Playstore

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Written by Shusree Mukherjee

Gamers are always looking for upcoming games and a new update for the current games. This is what makes a person pro in this field. In a survey, it is noted that a gamer earns a good amount of money by playing all the online games. Further, there are gaming challenges and competitions held all across the world which brings fame and money for the gamers.

Upcoming games on Google Playstore

Here is a list of upcoming games which might sound interesting to you. You don’t have to be a pro gamer to play these games but they are worth a try. These will be available for you in the Google Playstore.

1. Mario Kart Tour

Based on the Nintendo’s classic kart racing game, the Mario Kart Tour is a mobile racing game. Here you can choose over 10 gliders, 20 karts, and 30 characters. It is a very easy and interesting game to play. There are a total of 16 cups in the entire gameplay and each cup is won after winning all the four races. Once you complete a race, you win a grand star for it.

A maximum of 5 grand stars is offered per race and collecting these stars will help you earn emerald gems. The emerald gems are used for purchasing characters, karts, and gliders. The beta version of this game is available in the US and Japan, while the actual version is yet to be launched.

2. Pokémon Masters

After Pokemon Go, here is a new addition to the series and it is called Pokemon Masters. However, in this version, the player collects trainers in place of Pokemon. The player needs to collect three of such Pokemon trainers and make it a team. Each trainer has a special Pokemon which will help you win a tournament called Pokemon Masters League in the island of Pasi0. Moreover, the game is a single-player adventure game and heavily relies on Gacha mechanics.

3. Shadowgun War Games

A new addition to the Shadowgun series is here. Madfinger Games is all set to reveal this new game. It features heroes from all the other series which participate in the 5v5 Capture the Flag battle. Moreover, the characters in this game have their unique abilities and weapons. You need to coordinate your strategy with your teammates to win the battle. The presentation of the game is in a fictional sports arena filled with spectators. You can browse the internet for accessing the trailer of the game. However, the release date of the game is yet to be announced, so let’s anticipate for that!

4. Forza Street

The popular Forza series is getting a brand new addition to it and it is called Forza Street. This is a free racing game which is till now exclusively available for the Windows 10 devices. The best part is, the game will be launched soon on the Android platform too.

Forza Street is a street racing game where you need to win the races, gain points and use them to upgrade your car. Moreover, you can also buy new cars with the points you win at each event. It is all about your driving skills, timing and the use of ‘nitro’ at the right moment. The creators have launched a trailer of the game for all the gamers across the globe.

5. Bad North

Packed with some minimalistic and beautiful graphics, the bad North is a real-time strategy game. The player plays the role of a prince who tries to get back his island which is invaded by Vikings. Thus, you need to make tactical strategies on the battlefield to get full control over the island. You must place your army in the right position so that you can win the battle. Also, you must be aware of when to retreat so that you don’t get defeated by the Vikings.

After getting full control over the island and winning the battle, you get to access over other islands with different layouts. Currently, it is only available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. However, the developers have announced that it will soon be available on the Android platform too.

6. H1Z1

The H1Z1 is a battle royale RPG which is quite similar to other games of this genre like Fortnite and PUBG. Here you need to jump out of the airplane with 149 other players like you. Next, you need to look out for guns and ammo along with other supplies for survival. Now, you need to go on hunting other players until you are the last man standing. Further, the game is similar to PUBG’s blue zone because the play zone becomes smaller as the game approaches.

Rest of the game setting which includes the gaming options and other features are similar to PUBG. Even though, the game doesn’t have the various gaming modes such as the Zombie and EvoGround modes which are available in PUBG. The game is yet to be launched in mobile version while it is available in for PC and PS4.

7. Project Cars GO

Another popular racing game which is already available for PC’s, PS4 and Xbox One, is now set to be launched for mobile phones as well. The game Project Cars Go is loaded with exotic cars and lots of options for customization. It offers an authentic racing experience and the same is expected for the mobile version too.

The game is developed by Gamevil and Slightly Mad Studios. The game is expected to debut soon in the Android platform but the exact date is yet to be announced. If you are willing to experience it right now then you can look out for the PC or PS4 and Xbox One version. Currently, these are the most anticipated games in the yet to launch list.

There are many more upcoming games that we will update you with. This blog is going to give you all the latest updates about your favorite games and give you variety. Also, you can learn about them if you browse through the internet and look for more latest updates, series, and different types of game launches.

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