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Guidelines for the Yandere Dev Discord Simulator


The website is available for Yandere dev discord simulator users only. Those users who do not submit their authentication details can only post on #verification. Their access is narrowed down to only a number of channels, including #rules.

There are two different options that users can choose from to get authentication. The first one involves manual verification. One of the staff members will message the user’s page and also to the user on the other end of the line. The other verification method involves getting verification from Wiki-Bot. It will verify if the user has another yandere dev discord account linked to this one.

In the case where the Chat Mod+ does not send replies or is offline, then another staff member, who is not part of the chat, will come in. You will then receive an authentication text and slot you into #pending. This is until a Chat Mod+ can verify the provided details.

After completing the authentication process, users online will be able to change their nickname to their Wikia/Fandom name. In the event that a certified user is using this name already, a nameshifter role will be assigned to them. Chat Mods+ usually supervises any changes made by these users. Some users would like to change their registered names. You will need to get in touch with the staff member so as to add other names to your nickname. The staff member will be able to add your alternative name to the parentheses of your nickname.

Rules regarding changing of names on the Discord simulator 

A user can request to change their names on the Yandere dev discord simulator. However, this request can only be granted once every three months. Also, the management tends to get rid of illegal accounts on this simulator. They do this quite often so as to avoid overcrowding of unverified accounts. Users can also be subjected to a re-verification process. It is usually done manually and is conducted twice every year. Staff members have the authority to conduct more than two re-verification processes for users in this simulator.

Inspiration to create video games

Yandere dev has always enjoyed creating simple video games for over a decade now. He does this by formulating characters and themes from his mind. One of the first-ever programs he used was the RPG Maker. He gained more zeal to create games in 2008. Iji is the game that brought more inspiration to Yandere dev. He got more inspiration that since an individual was able to create this game alone, he can also do the same. The idea to make the Yandere dev discord simulator became possible.

Inspiration for Yandere dev discord simulator

Yandere dev has always been inspired to create video games for users to play. The main problem he has been facing is the lack of 3D models to develop these prototype games. One day, he stumbled upon a model doll at one of the convenience stores he walked into. The doll was very affordable, and he developed an interest in using it as a protagonist. A friend suggested to him a “Juvenile delinquent” simulator as the theme for his game. Yandere usually likes to take ideas to new heights, so the idea of a “serial killer” character came to him. He appreciated the encouragement from those around him to develop the game.

How to access Yandere dev discord

An official Yandere dev discord server is now available.

  • You will be able to get into the server through this link:
  • Upon accessing the server, ensure that you acquaint yourself with the rules here before using it.

General rules for Yandere dev discord simulator 

All users must be 13 years old and above so as to use this simulator. All users below this age limit will be face expulsion from this discord simulator.

Rules that apply to music on Yandere dev discord

  • Users are not to use the #music channel for discussion purposes.
  • You will need to join the music-listen channel so as to be able to access and listen to music on this discord.
  • You will need to use the #music channel to relay commands to the rhythm.
  • In the event that other users join this channel, then a staff member will assume control of this bot.


This discord assigns and operates its roleplay functions. The events staff determines the theme and roleplays to employ in the discord.

Rules regarding roleplays in the discord

  • A user can only use a single character unless :
  • Your original character faces elimination.
  • Your original character becomes a canon character, while your second character becomes an OC.
  • All of your characters become OCs.
  • The management approves a special case.
  • Maintain it in SFW gaming mode.
  • You need to be courteous and adhere to the set rules.
  • Purpose of moving with the flow.
  • In the event that you would like to pause, ensure that you indicate ~break. The roleplayers will act as if you were doing something else.

Rules that are employed to ensure there is moderation in the discord.

Discussion mod, Chat mod, and Up moderate the Discord server. For any other additional assistance, the staff members will come in to offer this assistance. Rules that ensure that there is moderation in the server are:

  • The staff can lower a user to the pending level for a certain period for the Chat staff to complete the verification process of such users.
  • Users that do not complete the verification process or are in the pending phase for long face expulsion from the server.
  • The Name shifter role can be assigned to any user by the staff.
  • Rollbacks+ can initiate the instant emergency command, which affects a user only for 3 minutes.
  • There is a hierarchy of power in all the staff members. All staff members have complete control of the rhythm of the server. However, staff ranking higher than other members can overrule commands of these staff members. The staff members have power over the non-chat staff.

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