Best Worldwide Mobile Games in 2022

Written by samanvya

Smartphones are everywhere these days. Over the last decade, iconic devices like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy have gradually conquered the world, becoming the default mobile for users from India to the United Kingdom. Popular messaging applications like WhatsApp have significantly benefited from this, as have social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

Another area that profited from this is the mobile game industry. Asian countries like India and China have contributed to the 2,659.5 million global smartphone gamers, with Asia accounting for over 1,290 million on its own. 2022 is a fertile time for mobile game worldwide developers and enthusiasts, with countless options for users to enjoy. Keep reading for a compilation of the best worldwide mobile games to play in 2022. We’ve split things into a few different categories to give you the best rundown possible. 

Mobile Strategy Games 

Mobile strategy games are among the most popular options for players across the world. They blend exciting gameplay with an emphasis on tactics, often focussing on military conquests. Whether you are using an Android or Apple device, there are countless options to choose from nowadays. 

The Battle of Polytopia is a great option, especially for first-time strategy players who appreciate the simplistic controls and user interface. Players must try and control as much of the map as possible, which is rendered with a fun lego block-inspired aesthetic. Other popular mobile strategy games include classics like Clash of Clans or Civilization VI. 

Sports Mobile Games 

Sports-themed mobile games are extremely popular, especially in places like India. Options such as World Cricket Champions 3 are played by millions, offering mobile gamers top-tier cricket entertainment. Elsewhere, Football Manager 2022 Mobile is a popular option for football aficionados, blending real-time strategy with a quintessential sporting theme. 

For a more hands-on football game experience, try games like FIFA Mobile. Not everybody enjoys mobile sports games, although there are other ways to enjoy sports using your smartphone. For example, sports betting is rapidly becoming the go-to in places such as India. Mobile betting apps offer an easy way to wager on the move, with an impressive range of sporting events and markets to choose from. Punters also enjoy free bet or deposit match bonuses, helping them enhance their bankroll and have more fun placing bets. Reading betting site reviews is the optimum way to find the best sites for Indian bettors. They give all information on the best bonus promotions, wagering requirements, and how to read odds. If you would rather enjoy mobile sports entertainment without betting real money, check out the various Indian mobile sports streaming apps like JIO. 

Arcade-Style Games 

Arcade-style mobile games were the first to enter the public domain, with games like Snake long, fascinating players around the globe. These games are inherently simple and fun to play, offering a satisfying counterpoint to the more complex mobile games on the market. Candy Crush is another famous choice, requiring players to solve simple icon-based puzzles by matching coloured tiles to each other. 

If you want to go truly old-school, check out mobile emulations of classic arcade games like Pac-Man or Space Invaders. These are widely available for Android and iPhone users, so you won’t have any trouble finding them. 

Endless Runner Titles 

Endless runner titles became incredibly popular with the release of Temple Run in 2011. These mobile games are extremely exhilarating ways to play on the move, requiring gamers to navigate past various obstacles and collect tokens to hit high scores. Check out player opinions of popular options like reviews of Subway Surfers for the most current titles

Super Mario Run is another fantastic option featuring everybody’s favourite Italian plumber. It’s available for free on iOS and Android, although users will need to pay to access special features. 

Online Multiplayer Mobile Games 

Multiplayer games are incredibly popular these days, but mobile titles have taken a little longer to catch up compared to console games. Nowadays, there is an almost infinite number to choose from. Among Us is a very popular option to play with friends, where you must try and identify the saboteur on a spaceship. 

Other popular options include Pokémon! GO, an incredible augmented reality Pokémon game you can play with thousands of other players. It’s especially engaging due to the need to walk around in real-life to find the best Pokémon and gyms. 

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