How to Trade in Pokémon Go? Read All the Details Here

How to Trade in Pokémon Go
Written by Priya Bhagtani

If you are a gamer, it’s not possible that you have never played Pokémon Go, the game which revolutionized the gaming industry. Pokémon Go is a free to play mobile game available on Android and iOS devices. The unique feature that makes this game different from other games is augmented reality.

Pokémon Go creates augmented reality by using location training and mapping technology. It is based on geolocation, i.e., it uses the GPS and clock of the mobile phone of a player. Players have to locate, capture, and train Pokémon. The term ‘Pokémon’ is used to refer to mysterious virtual creatures that have different sizes and shapes. Fans of cartoon shows know all about Pokémon.

How to Trade in Pokémon Go

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Hence, the Pokémon Go game became popular pretty quickly. Millions of players play this game across the world. Therefore, learning ‘How to trade in Pokémon Go’ is of importance to many. Players keep catching and training Pokémon to reach new levels in the game. In order to make this possible, the developers have put various features in the game. Trading Pokémon with friends is also one of the features. We have explained in this blog post how you can use this feature properly.

What is Pokémon Go? Why is Trading Done in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is part of the Pokémon franchise, which is a Japanese media franchise. The mobile game Pokémon Go is developed by ‘Niantic, Inc.’, an American software development company based in San Francisco. The company made this game in collaboration with ‘Nintendo Co., Ltd.’ and ‘The Pokémon Company’. Before we see how to trade in Pokémon Go, let’s see what happens in the Pokémon Go game.

The players of the Pokémon Go game have to walk and catch Pokémon to collect as many Pokémon as possible. Players walk in the real world and see Pokémon on the game map. The Pokémon characters appearing on the game map will appear on the screens of their devices when the players come within a close enough range of those characters.

Players can capture those Pokémon characters by throwing Poke Balls at them. Then, they train those characters. Training helps Pokémon to fight in battles against opponents. Each Pokémon has Combat Power, which is assigned at the time of capture. Players can increase the combat power of the Pokémon characters they have captured.

How to Trade in Pokémon Go

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So, it can be seen that the Pokémon Go game combines gaming with the real world. Players face the need to exchange Pokémon captured by them with their friends in order to collect every Pokémon in the Pokédex. Trading is also essential for certain evolutions.

However, if you are willing to learn how to trade in Pokémon Go, you must know that the Pokémon Go feature has been discontinued. Nevertheless, you should see how to use this feature in case it gets added again in the game in the future.

How to Trade in Pokémon Go? Essential Information You Must Know

The first point you must know when it comes to trading in the Pokémon Go game is that you can trade Pokémon only with those players who are on your friend list. You can add a player to your friend list by adding their 12-digit trainer code. You must know their 12-digit trainer code. Alternatively, you can also share your trainer code with your friends. You can access the option ‘Add Friend’ by following two simple steps.

How to Trade in Pokémon Go

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You need to tap your trainer icon in the bottom left corner of your trainer screen. Then, you need to tap the ‘Friends’ tab in the upper right corner. You will see the option ‘Add Friend’ by completing these two steps. Both the players engaged in trading must have a minimum trainer level of 10. The trainer level is a property of the player in Pokémon Go. The players can increase their trainer level by gaining experience.

Learning how to trade in Pokémon Go is incomplete without learning about the fact that you can exchange Pokémon with your friend only when you two are within 100 meters of one another. Both the players engaging in trading Pokémon have to spend some Stardust.

Stardust is an item or a resource that trainers use to strengthen their Pokémon or conduct Pokémon trading. Pokémon characters need strength for Raids and Gym Battles. It is the currency of the Pokémon Go game. The amount of Stardust required to complete the trade can vary from Pokémon to Pokémon. The amount of Stardust required to execute the trade in the case of the more desirable Pokémon will be higher as compared to the amount of Stardust required in the case of the less desirable Pokémon.

How to Trade in Pokémon Go

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How to Trade in Pokémon Go? Steps You Need to Follow

Let’s have a look at the steps you need to follow to trade in Pokémon Go.

Coordinate with Your Friend to Meet

As we have mentioned earlier, both players must be present within a distance of 100 meters from one another. You should coordinate with your friend to decide the time and place of the meeting.

Go to the Trading Screen in the Game

Once you and your friend reach the predetermined place, you can start the trading process. First, you need to go to your trainer profile in map view. Now, open the Friends tab from the trainer profile. The Friends tab is located at the top of the screen. You will be able to see your friend list. You need to select the friend with whom you want to trade Pokémon. Tap on the Trade button to start the trading session. You will enter the trading screen by tapping on this button.

Choose the Pokémon You Wish to Trade

You need to select the Pokémon you wish to trade once your friend joins the trading session. You will be able to see the details of the Pokémon. These details include but are not limited to Combat Power (CP), Hit Points (HP), and other stats.

How to Trade in Pokémon Go

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Give Confirmation for the Trade

Once you select the Pokémon, you will see that a confirmation button has appeared on the screen. You will be able to see the amount of Stardust next to the confirmation button. This is the amount of Stardust required to complete the trade. You have to tap on the confirmation button to execute the trade.

Along with learning how to trade in Pokémon Go, you should also know what happens after the trade. Once you complete the trade, you will receive Candy. Just like Stardust, Candy is also a type of currency in the Pokémon Go game. Candy is a consumable resource that players collect on carrying out different tasks in the game.

Candy has multiple uses in Pokémon Go, for example, strengthening, evolving, and purifying a Pokémon. The CP, HP, and other stats related to the Pokémon character traded appear as a range after the completion of the trade.

Final Thoughts

There are also Special Trades and Evolution Trades in the Pokémon Go game. Players have to engage in special trades to exchange some Pokémon characters. Players can carry out only one special trade per day. It’s also worth mentioning here that certain Pokémon characters cannot be traded.

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