Different kinds of Rummy games

Written by Swati

Rummy games are the types of games that are liked by almost every person. There are many rummy games present worldwide and every game is fun to play. These different games have different rules and different goals for winning a round. People love to play these games as they can be played with their friends or with their family members. These games can help a person in getting relaxed from their hefty schedule. Online rummy game is also getting famous and this is a place where a person can interact with players from all around the world and can make new friends with the help of these games.

Various Types of Rummy games 

There is a wide range of rummy games present on the online platform. Some of these games are mentioned below-

Gin rummy- This is the type of rummy game that deals with two to four players. It is different from other rummy games because in a normal rummy game, there are thirteen cards but in this game, there are 10 cards and the sequence is to be made with the help of these cards.

Contract Rummy- This is a type of rummy that is based on Gin rummy. In this game, there are seven rounds in which each round, Players have to get a certain number of consequences. With time the sequences get harder thus making the game tougher to play. In this game, players would deal in 10 cards for 10 rounds and then have to deal with 12 cards in the last three rounds.

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21 Card rummy- This is a typical type of rummy that might have the same rules as a normal rummy game. The thing which differentiates it from the normal rummy game is that it has twenty-one cards and every player has to make at least 3 sequences with it. Due to the addition of 21 cards in this game, this game is considered to be the more difficult game as the sequences are tough to make when there are more cards.

Oklahoma Rummy- This is a type of game that is based on normal rummy game rules but in this game, there are 7 cards. This is the game in which the joker in the deck can also be used by the players.

Dummy rummy- This is considered the simplest game of rummy to understand. This game would consider all the 2s as jokers which adds up to the four jokers of 2 decks. This game has a chance for creating different kinds of combinations.

Kalooki rummy- This is a type of rummy game that comes from the region of Jamaica. This rummy game has 9 cards in it and each player has to deal with these 9 cards only.

So, it can be concluded that nowadays people who play these rummy games have a chance to make new friends as these online rummy games have players from all over the world. Therefore, a person has a chance to make good friends while playing games with the random players present on the server.

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