Cheap Gaming Monitor Trends for 2020

Cheap Gaming Monitor
Written by Shusree Mukherjee

In recent years, video games have become more advanced. From the times of basic games like Super Mario, we’ve come to end up with games like Rise of the Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto V. Since then the makers of video games have tried to keep up graphically strong every time so that the player can enjoy it fully. They have worked on every detail and made the games so live. To really value the deep technicalities and enjoy the extreme of it, you have to get a decent device to see everything. Here, we will give you a list of cheap gaming monitor, so that you enhance your gaming experience.

A gamer should buy a monitor that is specially made for gaming. These types of monitors are manufactured with specifications to enhance the gaming experience. These qualities are difficult to find in normal computer monitors. These Gaming monitors are commonly incorporated with rapid reaction timing, quicker refresh rates, and more splendid display. To look more like a gaming monitor, they normally have a sharp, precise design to match a gamer’s mood.

Be it any brand, all the gaming monitors usually fall under the premium category. It is really expensive to manufacture gaming equipment and that’s the reason these gaming monitors are costly. The minute you see the ‘gaming’ tag on an item, you can anticipate that its cost should be higher than any other device.

Have you ever realized that you can get all gaming specifications in an ordinary monitor? for example, the same screen resolution fitting for gaming purposes! That’s correct, you can discover a monitor that is equally reasonable and perfect for games. They may not have showcased as gaming monitors, yet they will undoubtedly provide a similar experience as a gaming monitor.

If you are also a gaming person and looking for an under budget and best gaming monitor in 2020 then here is a quick guide for you.

LG 24M47VQ 24” Monitor

LG is a well-known South Korean brand and spent such a significant number of years in the business, they have amazing experience in the field of electronics that newcomers will take years to reach.

Though this LG monitor is not as smooth as present-day gaming screens yet it compensates for all its features. This full HD monitor has a 24-inch display with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. Regardless of not accompanying the gaming looks, the showcase is equipped with 2ms reaction times, which is fabulous and incredible for games with speedy functioning. LG has used the TN panel in this monitor, which is the reason it can accomplish such quick reaction times.

You can give it a try if you are on a budget and want to have a cheap gaming monitor for Xbox any other game.

HP Pavilion 21.5” Monitor

HP offers this beautiful monitor. This monitor by HP is a gorgeous one. It has a gleaming dark appearance and a stand that represents present-day engineering makes this monitor exceptionally satisfying. This monitor has a sleek profile that keeps it looking elegant. HP has used the IPS panel for this monitor and it has a 21.5″ display. Overall, you are going to experience the amazing color quality and zero distraction.

Its high-quality panel makes it able to give quick response time. HP has played mindfully here as this display unquestionably ensures a response time of 7ms. It is a Full HD monitor and you will love the gaming experience with it.

These qualities make it the best budget gaming monitor of 2020.

Asus VS228T-P 21.5” Monitor

Asus is a famous Taiwanese company that also has a sub-brand called the Republic of Gamers. It has numerous followers and is known for manufacturing amazing computer gaming equipment.

This particular item by Asus doesn’t convey the Republic of Gamers stamp, however, it performs fairly as a splendid gaming monitor. It comes in a sleek body which makes it more attractive than its rivalry monitors. Full marks for the design and appearance.

Asus is offering us a 21.5″ Full HD display with enough pixels that you can play any brand new game on it and enjoy the same great quality. The color contrast quality of this monitor is so good. You will be able to see the deepest black.

On the whole, it has all the qualities to become the best gaming monitor of 2020.

Philips 221S8LDSB 22” LED Monitor

Phillips is all set to rock the market with its 221S8LDSB 22” LED Monitor. They have designed it beautifully. You can use it with its stand or you can even remove it and make it a wall-mount monitor. Totally depends on your taste. It comes with a full HD display 1920 x 1080 pixels and a response rate of 60 Hz that is enough to give you a good gaming experience.

Phillips has chosen a TN panel for this monitor that gives the advantage of quicker response times. This monitor is not only fit for gaming but several other applications as well. It has VGA, DVI, and HDMI inputs which makes connectivity easier.

Overall, it can be your best buy if you are planning to get a cheap gaming monitor for ps4.


Samsung CRG90 QLED gaming monitor has a 49-inch display with ultra-wide screen and 32:9 aspect ratio will undoubtedly overwhelm you. The  QLED gives a cleaner, more brilliant, and live color hues with its HDR feature.

It consumes only 113 watts which is exceptional for such a huge screen. It has a quick refresh rate of 144 Hz that gives you a delightful experience of playing the video game. Samsung has incorporated it with a durable HAS stand that makes it look luxurious. This monitor is specially made for pro-gamers and has several modes. Most suitable for gamers who are willing to buy the best yet cheap gaming monitor (curved).


This Acer gaming monitor performs amazingly well. It offers a 240 Hz refreshing rate that is great for all gamers. Its limited view angles and 1080 pixel resolution may not impress you but its brightening effects and standard reflection qualities are still there to win you.

Acer has used a TN panel for this monitor and kept the display 24”. It has inbuilt speakers that save your cost. Overall, it is a nice gaming monitor that supports AMD Radeon free Sync technology and provides good connectivity. This will be a great choice for a gamer who is looking for a cheap gaming monitor best buy.

Factors Determining to Buy Cheap Gaming Monitor

Picking the correct model, in any case, could be devastating. After the PC, the Monitor is probably going to be the bit of hardware that gives the best returns on investment while you enjoy playing games or for some other entertainment purpose. It is really crucial to get some basic understanding of it. By understanding it’s basic you can have great deals for a perfect gaming monitor.

Let’s go through some factors to be considered while buying a cheap gaming monitor.


A crucial point in choosing the best budget gaming monitor in 2020 would surely be the size. This generally depends on an individual choice & use, be that as it may, on the off chance that you need your game playing experience to get as genuine and amazing as you can. It’s obvious that a bigger screen may very well be actually what you need. Normally, gaming screens are accessible in sizes somewhere in the range of 15 and 23 inches. Lots of game enthusiasts pick 17inch display, considering the size huge enough to meet their game playing needs without occupying an over the top sum space around your work area.

Response Rate

The most significant feature to be considered in a cheap gaming monitor is its response rate. In a layman language, it can also be called as a monitor’s reaction rate. All in all, the response rate can be understood as the time it takes for each pixel that reacts to every color change. If the response time is more than the expected than you are going to encounter what’s named “ghosting.” This is the time an image delays on the screen. Thus, it is completely awful to give you the perfect gaming experience.

By any means, if you are looking for a cheap gaming monitor that you are willing to buy and expecting to utilize it as a forceful gaming screen, make sure that the reaction rate is at or under 8 milliseconds. This can be one essential angle where the other monitor screens offer a short response rate of as little as 2 milliseconds.


The essential key to deciding while buying a gaming monitor is its price. For this, you can compare the old fashion CRT monitor with an upgraded version of the LCD gaming monitor screen. Pretty much every gamer is inclined towards the last mentioned. It is despite the fact that these gaming screens would, for the most part, be increasingly costly. Since they’ve essentially assumed control over the PC screen. LCD screens are getting progressively less expensive. This will make them an exceedingly reasonable choice for your gaming screens.

Features to Buy Best Gaming Monitor in 2020

Display Port

It is an important feature to look for when you are buying a gaming monitor.  HDMI and DVI, Display Port are frequently a higher transmission capacity that will make it easy for the lighter and more slender screens to acquire video signals. If a gaming monitor claims this feature then you expect better results with it.

Monitor Pixel Response Rate

This demonstrates how quickly a pixel can turn colors. It is measured in milliseconds (ms), the lower the milliseconds, the lot quicker pixels can change. Simultaneously, it brings down the ghosting effect & which might be observed with a changing or moving image. As per new researches, it’s possible that you won’t experience any streaking or ghosting negative effects similar while watching a film.

Ergonomic Options

Most gaming monitors have an in-built feature of screen tilt. Generally, it is thirty degrees back and five degrees frontward. Some monitors used for gaming allows to swivel perspective, many offer height flexibility. Other monitors may allow rotating between landscape and portrait mode. Also, best gaming monitors are appended with VESA-perfect mounts that attach with outsider divider mounts or swinging arms.

Screen resolution

Directed by screen size, angle proportion, and frequent assembling and ease of straying. Keep in mind the resolution features before you buy it. Make sure, a gaming screen that dynamically generates graphics into non-native resolution will never look good.


Some gaming monitors offer sound abilities, either as an in-built feature or by adding additional accessories. These may incorporate a volume control, inserted speakers or a headset jack. All in all, these speakers have standard audio quality. However, It is advisable to buy an affordable sound system from any outlet or specifically a computer store that will most likely provide good sound quality.

Viewing Angle

As per the recent trends and new technology in gaming monitors can possibly have its direct effect in a change in colors or viewing angle.  It can change brightness or color when it is viewed from a different angle. Consider the specifications provided by the manufacturer seriously as they always do a quality check at the time of the launch of their product.

Final thoughts

When it comes to gaming computers, they have to perform excellently no matter how costly or cheap they are. Do not fall for the brand. Look at the qualities and features the brand is offering. Whether you have a lot of money or not it is not necessary to invest a lot on a gaming monitor. As described above, there are several cheap gaming monitors that have amazing characteristics that can give you a satisfying gaming experience.

One must go through the description given by the manufacturer of the system and decide accordingly. Follow the above guide to buy a budget-friendly gaming monitor.

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