What should you know about replacing iPhone 7 battery?

replacing iPhone 7 battery
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Unlike Android phones, the need for replacing iPhone 7 battery is not very frequent. However, there would be a time when you might find your battery under-performing. So, is it better to replace it or find the next best model? After all, the brand is introducing new models every year. Here is everything you need to know about replacing the battery.


Is it time to replace iPhone 7 battery?

The best way to determine the right time for replacing iPhone 7 battery is by checking the ‘Battery Health’ option. Check out the battery usage per app over the last ten days. You might find some background apps drinking up the battery juice. Now, check ‘Maximum Capacity.’ This metric indicates how much juice your battery can hold compared to when it was new. If the value is lower, you might have to change your battery. 80% is the threshold beyond which the performance of your phone would fall well below adequacy.

If your phone switches off unexpectedly and a notification shows that the battery cannot deliver the peak power, it is time to change your battery.

How long will a battery last?

It is hard to determine a specific time frame for your battery life. It depends on your usage, the type of apps used, the style of charging, and how you care for your phone. The brand guarantees 500 battery cycles. One battery cycle is draining a fully charged battery to 0% and charging it to 100%. Although a user might plug it in every day, it would take approximately two days to complete a battery cycle. After 500 cycles, your battery would not store charge for longer, and you might end up charging the battery more often.

Options for changing the battery

You can choose to buy a battery replacement kit and try it at home, find repair shops, or resort to Apple Store. In self-repair, the risks of damaging any delicate part while changing are higher. It is not easier to remove the battery like Android phones. Moreover, if you try it at home, you would void your warranty too. The second hurdle is finding a reliable Apple battery. There are numerous fake brands in the market with similar cover, packaging, and look. Such batteries would not live up to your expectations and would permanently degrade the performance of your phone.


Or, you can choose to replace it via Apple Center. Replacing iPhone 7 battery will cost around $49 if you are out of warranty. Another disadvantage is time. If you choose Apple Stores, it will take a couple of days to get back your phone. The center does not change the battery. It would send it to another location, and after the replacement, you will receive your phone via shipment to your home or the center. Moreover, you might need to make an appointment prior-hand to visit the stores in some locations.

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Other reasons to avoid self-repair

It is possible to replace the battery of your iPhone 7. But, remember that several parts of your phone are intact and secured by super glue. If you remove those parts, you will be reducing the integrity of your phone’s waterproof capacity. Moreover, it is a very time-consuming process. If you haste, you might break some small part and remember that your warranty is void when you open it.

iPhone 7 battery replacement kit

How about replacement kits? Yes, those kits have in-depth instructions and tools for replacing the battery. You can find reliable kits for $35. So, it is cheaper than shipping your phone to Apple Center. However, those kits do not offer a guarantee for your phone.

Choosing third-party repair shops

How about a professional who is not an Apple employee? There are hundreds of repair shops with experts owning decades of experience. They charge way less than those replacement kits too. However, finding a reliable service provider is a daunting task. Moreover, the quality of the replaced battery or their work is a question mark. If you choose a third-party repair shop, you are voiding your warranty with Apple.

Is my battery replacement free?

Over time, Apple announced free battery replacement for many models. Until today, iPhone 7 does not have such a privilege. However, it might be free in the future. So, keep an eye on the updates from the brand. If your battery loses more than 20% capacity in less than 500 battery cycles, you can claim a new battery for free.

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Changing iPhone 7 battery vs trade-in

If you plan to move to the next model soon, you can hold on to your old phone and trade it with the new model. You can enjoy a small reduction in the price of the new phone. It is not a must to change your battery after 500 cycles. Your phone would lose its performance and would hang or unexpectedly switch off from time to time. So, make your choice wisely.

Smart battery case

The smart battery case is compatible with only iPhone XR, XS, 11, XS Max, 11 Pro Max, and 11 Pro. Even if you are checking for any of these models, the smart battery case’s guarantee is a significant question. The smart battery case looks similar to the silicone phone case. It has a bulge at the back where it hosts an additional battery. It connects with your phone via the lightning port and would act as external power.

The best ways to improve your battery life are adjusting the brightness, turning off background apps, and avoiding draining the battery below 10% very often. Still, it is not possible to extend the life of the battery for years together. At some point, you either have to replace the battery or your model. The choice is ultimately yours. According to experts, if you have an old model, it is best to buy a new one, instead of going through all these hurdles.

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