Androids That Offer The Best Bang for Your Buck if You’re on A Budget

android bang for buck
Written by Sambit

This has always been and will continue to be in a foreseeable future, one of the hottest topics among tech enthusiasts. We simply love comparing things and nitpicking, finding every single flaw in a product we don’t love while praising everything possible on something that we do. When it comes to buying a piece of tech, or anything really, many people love finding out everything about everything and comparing one product to the other, min-maxing while trying to squeeze out that last drop of utility in a device with our hard-earned cash. A select, fortunate number of people might find all of this weird and won’t really be able to connect or relate to this article. One part of that group is those who don’t care and have an “as long as it does what it’s supposed to do” attitude. They don’t bother with specs and numbers and don’t care how much RAM is in their phone as long as it runs YouTube. The other, even luckier group, are those who have enough money to buy any phone they want. There is really no point in trying to find a balance between cost and efficiency when cost is not an issue. I both envy and pity those people. There is something mesmerizing in the fact that you can find an amazing phone and then outperform someone’s flagship device while bragging to him how you’ve spent 300 bucks less than him. Some won’t care, some will get angry but, in any way, you get satisfaction and remain an eternal geek. Now, when it comes to recent development in the world of smartphones, things are getting pretty interesting. When I say that, I don’t mean “Huawei getting banned in USA” type of interesting, though that is certainly a huge topic for another day. More and more phones keep popping up all over the globe with incredible specs and prices that put those, arguably overly expensive, flagship devices from the biggest companies to shame. Even one the iPhones from their newest series which came out in 2019 is actually cheaper than it’s predecessor while having better specs. Talk about healthy competition. Of course, all of this doesn’t mean that some of those expensive smartphones aren’t also some of the best out there but, you can get a phone for a lot less money which can put up a decent fight. So decent, in fact, that the average user won’t notice any difference in performance. I’m not taking into account your preferences, fashion statements, or whether you see the usage of certain brands as a status symbol. I’m talking about pure performance. Speaking of average users and the impact of brands on their opinions, a big YouTuber did a blind camera test for a bunch of smartphones and let the audience vote. Playing most addictive android games, Among numerous Android devices and iPhones, all of which cost around $1000, a convincing victory was achieved by a humble Xioami Pocophone F1 that goes for a mere $300. Incidentally, that is the number one recommendation you’ll get here and from many other tech nerds who know their stuff. Pocophone has specs so good people are wondering whether it is just marketing and they are actually losing money on every sold device while trying to build a presence in the industry. I’ll try not to go into too many techy details for those less savvy or interested but Pocophone F1’s processor was top of the line for the last year and still holds its own, barely surpassed by just a few other, much more expensive phones. It won’t have any problem running XXX Sex Games in 2020. It is actually ranked as number four in performance on a massive list of smartphones. Also, it still has a headphone jack so, even though some smartphones have surpassed the need for those, it’s still good to be able to plug your headphones in and enjoy the sound without having to waste more money on wireless ones and experience additional trouble they bring. LCD IPS screen brings colors to life and is great for reading those erotic and sex stories and it has more than enough RAM to keep all of your apps open while you entertain yourself surfing the web, trying to find The Fappening celebrities. As you can see, the goal was to show non-geeks that, with a bit of a hassle, you can profit in the long term and have a device that perfectly suits your needs for a lot less money.

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