Best Adventure Games for Android Smartphones on Google Playstore

Best Adventure Games
Written by Shusree Mukherjee

For the past few years, there has been an upsurge in the games you get to play on android smartphones. These games have developed in various ways over the years. We now have different genres of games in the Playstore and they are pretty much addictive. The adventure games are a genre in the Google Playstore which is very much engrossing. Once you start playing adventure games on your smartphone, you won’t feel like turning it off and concentrate on work. It is very addictive if you learn how to play these games. Here we bring to you the best adventure games available on Google Playstore.

Globally, adventure games are played by people of all age groups. For instance, you would rarely see a middle-aged person play PUBG or Call of Duty or any FPS game. On the other hand, a lot of people love to play adventurous games on their smartphones.

Best Adventure Games on Google Playstore

If you are fond of adventure games then here is what you are looking for. The most loved adventure games of all time are listed here in this article. It doesn’t matter if you have or haven’t played all these games but you will surely get a lot of options to play. We have listed 8 games which are purely adventurous games. Give a treat to your adrenalin you download and play these games.

1. Another Eden

The first game on this list is the latest game that was launched this year, Another Eden. This is a JRPG or Japanese Role Play Game. If you have ever played Chrono trigger then you will definitely know that this game has some resemblance with Chrono Trigger. The reason behind the resemblance is the composer and writer of the game. Both games have the same writer and composer. Another Eden is not just another RPG, it has a lot more to offer to you. You will get a storyline to follow and the missions are based on this storyline. On the contrary, there are missions that have nothing to do with the storyline. These are completely independent missions.

2. Chroniric

One of the most interesting adventure games on the android platform is the Chroniric which is basically a texting game. The gameplay is very simple and anyone can play it with ease. Firstly, you will get a message written in an unknown language. It is a message from the past and you need to decode it. By decoding this message you get to help a time traveler. Now the storyline will elevate according to your decisions so you need to be sure about your decisions. A wrong decision can change the course of the story.

3. Doom and Destiny Advanced

Another JRPG is Doom and Destiny Advanced where you get to fight monsters, gather around with other adventurers and save the world. The game has some amazingly quirky and humor intended dialogues. You will love it once you start playing the game. The game has more than 500 places for exploration, hours of story to narrate and much more. You get to play with 15 different characters and more than 150 special powers. There are also 22 different costumes for the characters. You can play the game both offline and online.

4. Old School RuneScape

One of the best adventure games and the very popular MMORPG is the Old School RuneScape. This game has been loved worldwide and people love to spend some great time playing this game. MMORPG refers to Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game. The game has two distinct modes, one of which is free while the other has a subscription option. You can run around and complete the quests. Further, you can also trade different stuff and master some amazing skills. The game has a solo player as well as team play option. While the free version contains less stuff, the premium one is loaded with surprises for you.

5. Monument Valley 1 & 2

Both games are quite popular among android users and they are well known as adventurous puzzle games. Monument Valley 1 is succeeded by Monument valley 2 and both these games have a crazy fan following over the Google Playstore. Both the games are premium games and you need to purchase them to play. As the games have a short storyline, this makes it interesting and painful. Firstly, it is interesting because the gameplay is full of adventure. Secondly, it is painful because you don’t get time to enjoy the game for long.

6. Pokemon Go

The most amazing adventurous game on the android platform is Pokemon Go. It is said that the game got so much love worldwide that people actually got addicted to it within a short time. The gameplay is very simple but the most interesting part is the simplicity of the game. You get to catch Pokemon wherever you go. You can get hold of any Pokemon anywhere. It can be at the gym, office, in your drawing room, etc. this is an interesting feature of the game which keeps the user stuck to it.  Further, you can battle the Pokemon you catch and also get new Pokemon.

7. Crashland

The game gained a lot of popularity with a Google Playstore rating of 4.8 out of 5. Even though this is a pretty old game but it hasn’t yet lost its charm. Yes, you will love the game even today and that is for sure.  Crashland has an interesting storyline which makes the user play the game for long hours. You crash your spaceship named Flux in an unknown alien planet. Now, you need to fight the bad guys, retrieve the cargo and build your own base.

8. Beat Cop

This is a retro game that takes you back to the 1980s. It is also one of the best adventure games on the android platform. The storyline, the setup and the gameplay are based on the 80’s world. Here you get to play the role of a former detective. You are been accused of murder and now you need to prove your innocence. In this process, you get to investigate the murder to figure out the main murderer. On the other hand, you also need to carry out your regular duties as a cop. The game contains ads but if you wish to eliminate those ads then you need to buy the game.

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