10 Best Racing Games for Android to Download Now

best racing games
Written by Shusree Mukherjee

It all started in the nineties when video games had taken over all our leisure time. Games like a symphony of the night, Super Mario Run and Martial Combat were hitting the gaming charts in the nineties. However, today in the millennial era we have the best racing games. These super addictive games will take your breath away. 

Mobile gamers love playing racing games. The lack of physical buttons on smartphones made it even more fascinating for our generation to play racing games. The most popular mobile racing games have millions of fans. Check out the best racing games on an android phone. 

Best Racing Games for Android

We created the list of best racing games found on Google Play Store for Android phones. You have an ample number of options to choose from stylized arcade racing to highly realistic racing games. To find out the perfect racing game that will satisfy your gaming needs. 

1. Mario Kart Tour

Our childhood favorite Mario is back in the game with a twist. This is the most exciting game for Android users in the market. Nintendo has made this game a free play making it a blessing for millions of fans to play.  The gameplay is crazy and chaotic and lives up to your expectations. It is easily the most fun you will have while playing this game with a complete package like item boxes, coin collection. You can discover new fun shortcuts while playing this super game.  In other words, Mario Kart Tour is now your best racing game buddy.

2. Clan Race

Get ready for some motorbike racing now. Clan race competes you against three other races who are avatars of reak clan race players. Are you ready to beat your competitors and reach the finish line first? 

While you may be ready to race, on your way to the finish line you may face some stunt bike obstacles.  You can overcome them by using lean and forward controls. The nitro button will help you with the speed on a flat road.  If you don’t hit the nitro right on time you may get frustrated with clan race.

3. Asphalt 9: Legends

Legends are the most popular game available on android. It will give you the feel of realism with the top-notch fixations. You can work your way out with career mode and unlock different rides and modes. The most legendary part of this game is that racing against online opponents is a fun thing. So go fast and furious with Asphalt 9: legends. The “Touch Drive” will help you shift lanes jump or drifting.

4. Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide is the most futuristic game. The jet ski racing makes it a fun and interesting game. Riptide GP Renegade has an online story battle run. The AI of this game is of the next level providing real challenging gaming experience. You will need a high-end phone to play smoothly.

5. Drive 

The drive is a stand out among all racing games. It is a blend of speedy car chasing and runner games. You are drawn to this game so crazily because of its great style and procedurally mapping. You need to have some high-speed skills for collecting bottle caps on the road and unlock 29 types of car models. 

One cannot be an endless runner in this game. You need to give full attention to the inputs while driving in tight spots. Unlock each car and master the race through deserts, jungles, and snow.

6. Fun Run 3: Arena

Again right from the Mario Kart, Arena will remind you of the ’80s. This game has used tricks, gadgets and even weapons to get you addicted to your computers. But this is the first time you can see it on a racing track.  Enjoy the cartoony side by racing with woodland animals.

7. Hovercraft Takedown

Hovercraft’s rocky and blocky path puts your wheels on a wheel. All you need to do is destroy everything that comes your way on the road. At the same time, your opponents will fight back. Your opponent can shoot back at you with firepower capable of destroying your vehicle. You require some skills to avoid blasts. Then you are ready to make it on the long road and collecting credited. Use these credits to update your account.

8. Replies

All good things don’t come with wheels. In case you are a fan of the F-Zero or Wipeout franchise you will love Repulze. You can race through 24 winding, gravity-defying tracks in experimental hovercrafts. In this game, you need to collect turbo boosts. Choose green or red gates based on your craft polarity and unlock boosts.

9. Collin McRae Rally

 This classic game dates back to 1998. Collin McRae Rally racing is all about fulfilling your dream of racing the car down the dirt roads. Go for offline racing if you are not a street racing person. 

It has strong motion control systems.   Follow on the screen the audio directions and you are not smashing the car into the trees like the old days. In case you damage your car it will stack up fast to get you going against the competitors. You can unlock many tracks with famous rally racing cars. The loading time may be lengthy, but this is still the best racing game for android.

10. Beach Buggy Racing 2

One more similar game to Mario Kart. It is kart races It has a kart racer with various specialties abilities giving you that edgy feeling. There are many tracks and locations to race across each having their own obstacles. The games include 45  power-ups over 49 karts to collect, online PvP, different customization, and various game modes. 

Playing electronic games through different mediums like phones, computers or an Xbox per say is fun activity for children and adults today. So get your gaming sessions going with these super fun racing games. If you have played more such super fun games let us know in the comment section below.

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