Top Strategy Games of 2019 with In-app Purchase in Google Playstore

Strategy Games of 2019
Written by Shusree Mukherjee

Strategy games are of so much fun. It is like playing the same game in a new way every time. As it is almost the end of 2019, here we have collected some of the most played and downloaded strategy games of 2019. These games are not the ones which were launched in 20119, some of these are quite old but they are the most appreciated games on the Playstore.

Best Strategy Games of 2019

On this article, we have mentioned 7 strategy games which have gained a lot of name and fame in recent times. Based on Google Playstore games ratings and reviews, a list has been prepared. It is possible that you might have played any or some of these games. If you are very much fond of this genre then it is recommended that you try out all the games.

1. Civilization Revolution 2

The first game on this list is Civilization Revolution 2. It is the best strategy game of the franchise. The gameplay is simple where you play an infamous world leader who tries and builds his own army. You also get to defeat your enemies and expand your empire. Generally, there are 4 said patterns to excel in the match. Firstly, you can win economically by just collecting 20000 gold and create the World Bank. Secondly, you can win by launching a spaceship for a scientific win. Thirdly, you can capture your opponent’s capital and dominate them. Fourthly which is also the final way to win, acquire 20 converted cities and build the UN for a cultural victory.

As this is a paid game, you will get the finest but optimized for mobile use. Another important aspect of the game is that you won’t get to see any ads in the game as you are purchasing it. The game has a one-time purchase option and you are good to go now.

2. Star Command

The Star Command is a strategy game combined with sci-fi features. The gameplay has a vintage pixel art style as well. Having a hint of resemblance with the Star Trek movie, this game has a spaceship which needs to be controlled by the players. You have to recruit a crew, get along with intergalactic adventures, upgrade the facilities and fight the grotesque aliens.

The battles played in here are generally among spaceships, board parties, etc. In both cases, you need full support and assistance from the crew team. Star command is one of the best single-player games with a long-term gameplay progression and amazing user experience.

3. Machines at War 3

One of the best real-time strategy games of 2019 is Machines at War 3. The purpose of a player in the entire gameplay is to save some scientists and beat up the bad guys. The storyline is pretty intense and deep with 21 missions to cover. Apart than this, the game 130 types of techs and units to build. There are some random map based battles, multiplayer mode, unlimited skirmish mode, etc. It is a jaw-dropping and adventurous strategy game. Although the game has a purchase value, there are no ads and in-app purchase option. This, in turn, means that you need to pay a one-time to enjoy the entire game.

4. XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within is a turn-based game under the genre strategy. You as a player need to stop the aliens from invading earth and that’s it. The gameplay might sound simple but it isn’t. You are the officer-in-command and the first task under your sleeves is to manage and control your troops. More kill with fewer casualties is your goal as the commanding officer. XCOM: Enemy Within is the successor of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. When compared to Enemy Unknown, this game has better upgrades, abilities and weaponry. Even after 4 years, the game is still fresh and amazing as it was back then. You will definitely fall in love with this game. Quite similar to a couple of games mentioned above, this one too has a one-time purchase option.

5. Rebel Inc and Plague Inc

Belonging to the same franchise, Plague Inc and Rebel Inc are one of the best strategy games in the Google Playstore. While Plague Inc is based on a widespread virus that requires to be contained, the Rebel Inc is aimed to put down the rebels and bring back peace. Both games require great skills to develop strategies and fight against the odds. You will enjoy the way the gameplay moves on. The Plague Inc is the predecessor of Rebel Inc.

6. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a turn-based card game that belongs to the strategy genre. You might be familiar with the gameplay where the player needs to summon and cast creature cards as well as spell cards. There are a total of 9 heroes in a match. All of them have their own abilities and unique features. Here you get a variety of game modes which include ranked matches, tough Arena games, normal online games and weekly Tavern Brawls. Your task out here is to build your deck of cards and develop new strategies. It is a free card game available on the Google Playstore. In addition to this, you might be amazed to know that it is a well-liked global e-sport.

7. Out There: Ω Edition

If you love strategy games and playing the difficult ones gives you an adrenalin rush then you should definitely play Out There: Ω Edition. The game starts with you or the character waking up from a cryo-chamber in space. Now, you need to survive in the vastness of space with a limited supply of resources. For example, you will have a limited amount of oxygen so you need to use it in a smarter way. Further, you will get to explore various forms of aliens and you get to repair your ship as well. The game is actually tough to play and requires a lot of patience. It has a good number of reviews and unlocks loads of achievements in the Google Play Games section.

To conclude, these were the top strategy games of 2019. You can try and play any of these above-mentioned games. Some of these are paid games while some are free. You can also browse the Playstore for more such strategy games.

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