PS4 Controller Flashing White – Learn How to Fix This Issue

PS4 Controller Flashing White
Written by Priya Bhagtani

Ever since the PlayStation was introduced, its craze has only gone up. Gamers of all age groups all over the world prefer using PlayStation to fulfill their passion for gaming. For the uninitiated, the PlayStation is a video game console designed and developed by the company known as ‘Sony Interactive Entertainment’, which was formerly known as ‘Sony Computer Entertainment’. The name ‘PlayStation’ is essentially a brand under which this company sells gaming console devices.

Newer models and versions of electronic devices and gadgets are launched from time to time to meet the demands of consumers. In industries like gaming, launching new models and versions is even more important as gamers are adventurous by nature. Using the same product becomes boring for them.

We know you might be wondering, “When will the PS4 Controller Flashing White issue be discussed?”. Worry not, as we are getting there. We are just trying to make this blog post more exciting for people who are new to the world of gaming. PS4 or PlayStation 4 was introduced in the year 2013. It is the eighth generation of PlayStation gaming consoles.

PS4 Controller Flashing White - PlayStation 4

Gone are the days when people used to bond over their favorite television shows that they used to watch while sitting in their living room. Today, gaming consoles have occupied an important place in not just living rooms but also the hearts of people. When you buy a console, you get not just a product but the whole technology that can help you play video games from the comfort of your home. The whole gaming console is made up of different items, one of which is a controller.

As these gaming consoles are sophisticated pieces of equipment, using and managing them requires a bit of expertise. Many gamers, especially the newbies, face a lot of issues. They have to learn to troubleshoot these issues in order to enjoy a flawless gaming experience.

PS4 Controller Flashing White – Issue Explained in Detail

One of the issues people face regarding PS4 is the flashing or blinking white light emitting from the controller. As the name suggests, the PlayStation console controller helps control the game, settings, and more. With every new generation of PlayStation, the functionality and design of the controller get improved.

Now, coming back to the issue of the PS4 controller flashing white, it usually happens due to one of the two reasons that we have described further. When a white light starts coming from your PS4 controller, it can occur due to the low battery. In that case, you should charge the controller of your PlayStation 4 video game console.

PS4 Controller Flashing White - Blue-Colored PS4 Controller

If the low battery is not the reason, then you might be encountering a PS4 controller flashing white issue due to your controller not being able to connect to your PlayStation 4. The causes of such failure are unknown. You can resolve the issue of flashing white light on your PS4 controller easily. In this blog post, we have explained a few solutions that you can use.

  • Reset your PS4 Controller
  • The PlayStation controllers run on their own software. So, your PS4 controller can get corrupted when this software gets an update. But you can correct this by resetting the controller back to factory default. The reset button is located on the back of the controller. You should check near the top right screw on the back of your PS4 controller to find the reset button.

    Once you find the button, push it inside the hole by using a sim card opener or an unfolded paperclip. Now, hold the button down for five seconds. Then, release the reset button. After the controller gets reset, you need to reconnect it with your PS4. You can complete the reconnecting task by connecting the USB cable. Turn on your PlayStation console, and press the PS button to log in to your PS4.

    PS4 Controller Flashing White

  • Start your PS4 in Safe Mode
  • By starting your PlayStation 4 gaming console system in safe mode, you can get rid of the PS4 controller flashing white problem, just like many others have. First, you need to turn off your PS4. Before turning off, the power indicator will blink for a few seconds. Then, press the power button and hold it until you hear two beeps.

    You will hear the first beep when you press the button. The second beep will be heard seven seconds later. Now, connect the DualShock4 controller with the USB cable. Next, press the PS button on the controller. When you enter the Safe Mode, choose the option of rebuilding the database. Once it gets completed, check if the solution worked or not.

the methods specified above don’t work in your case, it’s a possibility that the hardware of your PS4 controller might be a bit faulty.


In order to avoid facing problems like the PS4 controller flashing white that can become a hindrance in your plans of playing games on your PlayStation console, you should handle the console properly.

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