5 Best Games Like Elden Ring You Can Play Today

Games Like Elden Ring
Written by Priya Bhagtani

Every person likes adventures to some extent, as they enable the person to go out of his or her comfort zone. Adventurous activities help people explore more about their own personality, bravery, courage, and strengths. People like adventuring because it allows them to grow physically and mentally.

Whether you take a hike in the mountains or go on an offroad trip, you satisfy your thirst for adventure. In today’s time, people spend a lot of time on devices and gadgets. They perform a variety of activities on these devices and gadgets. One of these activities is playing online games. People even buy gaming consoles to play a wide range of games.

Therefore, developers, programmers, and other experts in the fields of gaming and technology keep designing new games. These games can be played on multiple devices, such as computers, laptops, smartphones, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and Wii U. ‘Elden Ring’ is one of these games. We will discuss this game and games like Elden Ring later in this blog post. Some other popular games played these days include Minecraft, PUBG, and League of Legends (LOL).

What Kind of a Game is the Elden Ring? Why is it so Popular?

Individuals and companies working in the gaming industry create games in different genres, including but not limited to puzzles, role-playing, sports, action, adventure, action-adventure, simulation, and strategy. Those who prefer staying indoors rather than going out satisfy their thirst for adventuring by playing video games of the adventure and action-adventure genres.

Games Like Elden Ring

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There are many video games that belong to more than one genre or category. Elden Ring also belongs to the list of such video games. It is an action-adventure role-playing game set in a fantasy world. The game has an open-world structure.

Before finding out which are other games like Elden Ring that you can play, let’s understand more about the Elden Ring game. Elden Ring is based on a mythological story written by George R. R. Martin, who is a fantasy writer. The game was developed by FromSoftware Inc., which is a Japanese video game development company. Elden Ring was published by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., which is a Japanese multinational video game publisher.

The format of the Elden Ring video game is such that it requires players to repair the Elden Ring and become the new Elden Lord. They carry out the task of repairing the Elden Ring, which is the natural law of “The Lands Between”. This Elden Ring is directly connected to a god. The Lands Between is a fictional landmass on which several demigods rule. The players can repair the Elden Ring by controlling a player character. Player characters are customizable.

Games Like Elden Ring

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Elden Ring has become an extremely popular game in a relatively short duration of time. It was launched in the month of February 2022 itself, but players in different parts of the world are playing this game. The story described in the game is pretty interesting. The game received critical acclaim in the first week of its release itself.

Are there any Other Games Like Elden Ring to Play?

When people love the theme or format of a particular video game, they start looking for games with similar themes or formats. Many times, players like a game but feel that it’s too extreme for them at the moment. So, they start looking for alternatives that have similar elements.

So, you might be looking for games that are like the Elden Ring that you can play. It’s also possible that you might have already completed the Elden Ring game. Irrespective of your reason behind searching for other games like Elden Ring, we have got you covered. We have listed down 5 video games that can be considered the best substitutes for the Elden Ring video game.

Code Vein

Just like Elden Ring, Code Vein is also published by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Many people call this game ‘Anime Dark Souls’. Dark Souls is a series of action role-playing games published by the same company as Elden Ring and Code Vein. Having elements like sci-fi and horror, Code Vein is set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Games Like Elden Ring

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The highlight of this game is that it has an anime style. So, those who love anime will surely like playing the Code Vein video game. Players can access an AI Partner that can help them gain victory over enemies. Launched in 2019, this game can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and a Personal Computer with Microsoft Windows operating system.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

While the name of this game may sound complex, the game is not that difficult to play. Developed and published by Nintendo Co., Ltd., The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can be played on Nintendo Switch and Wii U. The highlight of this game is that it has fantastic storytelling. It definitely deserves to be on the list of games like Elden Ring.

Players can enjoy the presence of quirky characters and vibrant colors in the game. You can explore various locations, such as dungeons, plains, lakes, forests, mountains, and castles. You can even undertake different challenges in the game.


Bloodborne is a role playing game that can be played only on PlayStation 4. Its setting includes the cursed city of Yharnam, which is inspired by the Victorian era. It has a gothic theme, and so, lovers of gothic movies and shows will like this game.

Games Like Elden Ring

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The player’s character has to find the source of the plague that has affected all the inhabitants of the city. During his journey, he encounters several mysteries surrounding the city. He even has to tackle monsters, beasts, and cosmic beings.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Developed by Respawn Entertainment, LLC and published by Electronic Arts Inc., Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is based on the Star Wars theme. It belongs to the list of games like Elden Ring because it is quite interesting to play. The game has adorable characters, tricky puzzles, dangerous battles, and much more. The story described in the game is also wonderful.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order can be played on multiple platforms, such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and a personal computer with Microsoft Windows operating system. Launched in 2019, it is an action-adventure game.

Monster Hunter Rise

As the name suggests, the Monster Hunter Rise video game requires players to fight monsters endlessly. Players get access to various types of weapons that they can use to beat monsters and move ahead in the game. Players explore lush ecosystems while battling monsters in the colorful village of Kamura.

Games Like Elden Ring

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Developed and published by Capcom Co., Ltd., Monster Hunter Rise can be played on Nintendo Switch and a personal computer with Microsoft Windows operating system. This game is the sixth mainline installment in the Monster Hunter series.

Video games offer an opportunity for players to experience fantasy worlds that are filled with adventures, mysteries, exciting locations, unique challenges, creative storylines, and charming characters. When players try to overcome different obstacles to reach new levels in a video game, they allow their minds to exercise a lot. If you have been looking for games like Elden Ring, you can try the options mentioned in this blog post.

Final Thoughts

We hope you liked reading this blog post just like we liked writing it. Even if you are a grown-up, you should not feel reluctant to play video games if you want to play them.

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