Top movies about video games that you should watch today

Movies about video games
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Video games allow us to spend hundreds of hours glued to the screen. Do you want to see those characters run and jump without your control? You can choose the movies about video games for a change to get glued to your screen. There are indeed some bad movies about your favorite game. So, we are here to help you choose the right films.

Wreck-It Ralph – a movie about all video games

The Wreck-It Ralph is a movie about all the vintage and new video games. Have you ever thought about the villains in your game? Well, this movie revolves around one bad wrecking villain who wants people to know that he is good. On the other hand, a game’s glitch character wants to be a hero. Can these two misfits really make it? It is a mixture of several arcade and video games that we loved as a child, like Sonic, Roger Rabbit, Bowser, Pac Man, and more.


Do not sit down expecting an action-thriller movie with these characters. Unlike other movies about video games, this movie is entirely for the child in you. Well, there are a few twists and turns that would make you bite your nails.

Resident Evil – The original video game movie

Maybe by the time you are reading this, there could be a couple more Resident Evil video games and movies out there. However, none of those could match the thrilling and sophistication of the original and first movie. The main reason is, unlike its sequels, the original Resident Evil film did not just emphasize action but also on story.


Well, movies about video games are not essentially about action alone. The movie revolves around a virus that broke loose in a research facility. The corporation tried to control the event by killing everyone exposed to it. However, those dead employees turned into zombies. Now, a team of good guys, along with Alice, enter.

Tomb Raider 2018 – a movie about the Tomb Raider game


There is no doubt that the old Tomb Raider would make this list. How did this new Lara Croft perform? Well, there are several movies about video games that went haywire after the main character reboot. But, Tomb Raider is bubbling with potential. We might see more adventure series to this title soon. We get to see more of Lara Croft’s personal life than jumping around tombs. However, the concept is almost the same. Lara Croft finds something unique, the bad guy grabs it from her, she goes and finds it, cracks the code, and wins the day.

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Detective Pikachu – movie about Pokemon video games

The movie revolves around a young boy Tim Goodman who wants to find his missing father, a private investigator. So, he teams up with Pikachu and goes on this almost impossible mission. Since it is Pikachu along his side, there is a lot of jokes to keep you busy. On the other hand, the plot is sentimental. You should see the furry yellow guy in a Sherlock Holmes cap, and you would know that the movie is all fun.

Mortal Kombat – movie about fighter video games

Mortal Kombat created a format for the future movies about video games to follow. The plot was, however, too good to ever go haywire. The movie revolves around a fighter group about to fight in an alien environment for the fate of everyone else. If you had a childhood fighting villains in Super Nintendo Kombat, this movie is for you. You can see Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Goro, and others come alive on your screen. The film did gain a load of bad reviews, but overall the movie was a great attempt, given the time the movie came out.

Sonic The Hedgehog – check your blue hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog had a massive wardrobe change and came out as a perfect movie with humor, silliness, and a good old plot. It has everything for a good story – the blue creature, evil scientist, and a lot of chasing and crashing. The plot revolves around Sonic and his police friend trying to defeat the evil genius. No one else could have played Dr. Robotnik better than Jim Carry. Do you think Sonic could stop Dr. Robotnik’s plan of world domination?

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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within – video game movie with too much graphics

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within did not have great actors and relied too much on graphics. However, thanks to the interesting plotline, the movie turned out great. The film did not just stick to the plotline of the game. It leaped forward and made way for a sequel game for this franchise. The story relied too much on memory recollection. So, most of the essential storylines are dialogues and not scenes. However, the astonishing storyline gave the right kick to the movie.

The story takes us to a future world where Phantoms consume living beings for Gaia spirit. The humans in the barrier cities led by Aki Ross try to fight back the Phantoms.

Silent Hill – A horror video game movie

If we are talking about horror movies, Silent Hill is a below-average attempt. However, since it is a list of movies about video games, Silent Hill is a good try. The Pyramid Head and the thrilling plot make it a different experience than the other video game movies that rely too much on violence and action. If you sit through the scare scenes, you will find the movie interesting. Thanks to the decent cast, the flow of the story were good too.

These might not be your choice of movies to relive video games without a controller. There are several more such movies like Ratchet and Clank, Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros, and others. Do you have a list in mind? Or, do you prefer to take out a few from this list?

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