How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft and Ride It Easily?

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft
Written by Priya Bhagtani

Minecraft is a 3-D computer game created by Markus Alexej Perrson, a Swedish video game programmer and designer. Made in the Java Programming language, Minecraft was first made public in May 2009. It was fully released in November 2011 by Mojang Studios. Later, Microsoft acquired Minecraft in September 2014 for a whopping amount of $2.5 billion.

The fact that the Microsoft Corporation paid such a huge amount to purchase Minecraft is enough to prove the popularity of the game. This video game has become incredibly popular lately due to its concept and features. Minecraft is set in a three-dimensional (3D) virtual world.

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

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Players carry out a wide variety of tasks in this world to march ahead in the game. One such task is riding a horse which becomes possible only after a player has tamed the horse. Many players don’t know how to tame a horse in Minecraft and ride it.

But worry not, as we have explained the same in this blog post. Players can build whatever they want by using the building blocks available in Minecraft. They can set their own goals as there are no predetermined objectives in the game. Players can choose either of the two main game modes, which are survival mode and creative mode. Various Minecraft mod packs are also available today.

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft?

In order to tame a horse in Minecraft, you just need to hop on its back. You can mount the horse by clicking on it. The horse may buck you off, but you need to keep mounting it back. You might be able to tame the horse in the first attempt itself. The process of taming a house can become much easier if you feed it apples, golden apples, golden carrots, wheat, or hay bale.

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

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You should know about the game controls required to tame a horse. Game controls are nothing but the steps players perform using different gaming accessories, such as mouse, keyboard, controller, and so on. These steps help players fulfill the desired objective. We have listed down the game controls for taming a horse. It’s worth mentioning here that the control varies from one device to another.

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Let’s have a look at how to tame a horse in Minecraft with the help of game controls.

  • Right click on the horse while playing on Windows or Mac computer
  • Move your pointer over the horse and press the Mount button while playing on a smartphone
  • Press the LT button on the Xbox controller while playing on Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • Press the L2 button on the PS controller while playing on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4
  • Press the ZL button on the gamepad while playing on Wii U
  • Press the ZL button on the controller while playing on Nintendo Switch

Once you have tamed a horse, you will notice that the hearts have appeared over it. These hearts indicate that you have been successful in taming the horse. When you ride a tamed horse, you will also notice that a health bar has replaced the hunger bar of the horse. The horses in Minecraft regenerate their health when they get damaged. Now that you know how to tame a horse in Minecraft, you must have realized that it’s extremely simple.

Why are Horses Needed in Minecraft?

Those who are new to the world of Minecraft might be wondering about the need for horses in this game. Well, horses help players in transportation. You can go from one location to another quickly by using a horse. When you travel long distances in the game with the help of horses, your journey becomes smooth.

Horses are considered to be one of the fastest animals in Minecraft. They run fast and can jump over high ledges easily. But if you want to ride a horse, you must tame it first. Therefore, it’s important for players to learn how to tame a horse in Minecraft.

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

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Where are Horses Found in Minecraft?

Before you can tame a horse and ride on it to travel from one place to another, you must find it. Any element used in the game of Minecraft is found in some particular places. Players need to search for the elements they need at those places only.

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You must know where to look for horses if you want to put your knowledge regarding ‘how to tame a horse in Minecraft’ to use. Horses are generally found in a few Biomes, including but not limited to Plains, Savanna, Sunflower Plains, Savanna Plateau, and Windswept Savanna. Horses spawn in these biomes in Minecraft. If you are wondering, ‘What is a Biome?’, let us tell you that just like the real world, the world in Minecraft also has different types of biomes.

A biome is basically a large area that is distinct from others due to its wildlife, vegetation, climate, and other characteristics. If you can’t find a horse, you can spawn one instantly using a spawn egg. The horse spawn egg is yellow in color and has yellowish-green spots. It’s worth mentioning here that a spawn egg is available only in the creative mode of the Minecraft game.

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

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How to Ride a Horse in Minecraft?

Learning ‘how to tame a horse in Minecraft’ is of no use if you don’t know how to ride or control it. You just need a saddle to ride a horse once you have tamed it. You cannot craft a saddle in Minecraft, unlike many other items, such as a fence gate and a beehive. You will need to equip a saddle so you can ride a horse and move it in any direction you want.

In order to equip a saddle, you need to open your inventory menu while mounting the horse or pointing towards the horse. Both your inventory and the horse’s menu will open up. You need to transfer the saddle from your inventory to the horse by dragging it to the outline of the saddle.


Horses are low-maintenance and highly useful animals in the world of Minecraft. Players don’t need to feed anything to a horse, unlike other animals, such as cats and wolves. You can even breed horses in the game of Minecraft.

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