How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft – Read These Simple Steps

How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft
Written by Priya Bhagtani

The world of Minecraft is filled with hundreds of interesting feats. Players strive hard to achieve various feats while playing Minecraft. The sense of achievement makes players feel happy and rewarded. The players continue to play more when they see that they are progressing in the game.

In order to achieve new feats, players have to gain knowledge regarding the steps they need to take. The quest for knowledge raises several questions in the minds of players. They ask these questions to experienced and novice players online through different mediums, such as forums and social media pages.

Therefore, you might have come across questions related to Minecraft while surfing the net to read information about Minecraft or online video games in general. One of these questions is “How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft?”. Some other popular questions include “How to Collect Honey in Minecraft?”, “What Does Piercing Do in Minecraft?”, and “How to Fix Minecraft Launcher Black Screen?”.

How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft

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How to obtain free minecoins is also an issue that Minecraft players face. Minecoins are the virtual in-game currency used in the Minecraft game. Players need minecoins to buy adventure maps, texture packs, skins, and more available in the Minecraft marketplace.

What is Minecraft? How Is It Different from Other Games?

Before understanding “how to make a fence gate in Minecraft?”, let’s see how Minecraft is different from other games. Minecraft is a sandbox video game launched on November 18, 2011. Created by Markus “Notch” Persson and developed by Mojang Studios, Minecraft is a game based on the concept of creation. Inspired by games such as ‘Infiniminer’ and ‘Dwarf Fortress’, Minecraft resembles Lego.

Therefore, this 3-D computer game is also described as ‘Online Lego’. Players can build anything in this game using building blocks. These blocks are made from different materials, such as rock, sand, dirt, lava, etc. You can build castles, bridges, houses, gardens, treehouses, wedding arches, pagodas, storage rooms, animal farms, and much more. You can even build underground cities and underwater bases. As you must have guessed by now, players can also make fence gates.

How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft

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Hence, they search for information related to “how to make a fence gate in Minecraft”. The Minecraft game is set in a virtual world that seems to be much larger than the planet Earth. Unlike many other games, Minecraft allows players to set their own goals.

What are Fence Gates? How Are They Useful?

A fence gate works both as a door and as a fence in Minecraft. Players can get access to a fenced-in area with the help of a fence gate. They can enter fenced-in areas without climbing over blocks or ladders. Fence gates are an important inventory item for players.

Thus, they learn how to make a fence gate in Minecraft. Players can use a fence gate as a switchable barrier that can be opened and closed by hand or redstone power. Making, placing, and breaking a fence easy is quite easy. Other inventory items that can be connected to fence gates are fences, walls, and nether brick fences. Players can control fence gates with redstone power.

How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft

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When activated and deactivated, a fence gate opens and closes immediately, respectively. You can open a fence gate by right-clicking it. Fence gates open in the opposite direction from which they are opened. It means they open away from the player.

Find Out How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft

The materials that players require to make fence gates in Minecraft are sticks and planks. Various types of wooden planks are available in the world of Minecraft. Thus, you can make different kinds of fence gates while playing Minecraft. You can choose the planks according to the type of fence gate you want to build. The following steps will guide you on how to make a fence gate in Minecraft.

  • First of all, obtain the sticks and wooden planks.
  • Now, open your crafting table. You will get a 3×3 crafting grid.
  • Place the sticks on the extreme left and extreme right boxes in the first and second rows.
  • Thus, the middle box in both the first and the second row will be empty.
  • Place a wooden plank in the middle boxes of both the first and the second row.
  • Your fence gate is ready. Move it to your inventory with a right click or a left trigger.
How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft

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Different types of fence gates that can be built in Minecraft are oakwood fence gates, dark oakwood fence gates, spruce wood fence gates, crimson stem fence gates, birchwood fence gates, acacia fence gates, warped stem fence gates, and jungle wood fence gates. You can find naturally generated wood planks in abandoned mine shafts, woodland mansions, pillage outposts, and villages in Minecraft.


Players of all age groups love playing Minecraft as it’s a unique game. It allows players to show their creativity and get rid of their stress. Now that you know how to make a fence gate in Minecraft, you can build fence gates and enjoy playing!

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