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best paid Android games
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When a game is free, you can download, use it for a while and when you find it boring or inadequate, you can delete and download a new one. But the best paid Android games have to get selected with great attention. You are paying money for playing the game and it should be superior in design, good game concept, ease of interaction, and more.

GAT San Andreas: the best paid Android game

This role-playing action thriller is re-mastered and optimized. This mobile-friendly version is a true rockstar that offers unbelievable entertainment. You will love the 70 hours of high-resolution gameplay in the open world. This version has a total of 3 cities and 7 counties with gangs and drugs.

Enjoy an enhanced experience with Bluetooth, gamepads, cloud support, and adjustable graphic settings. The visual effects of the 3 major cities are simply superb. You have up to 100 missions that include shooting, rescues, gang meetings, flying, revenge, and stealing. And, there are customizable control schemes along with tactile effects.

Monument Valley: surreal spectacle with beauty

This fantastic adventure is a visual delight for Android gamers. It is the story of Princess Ida’s redemption for stealing Sacred Geometry. You have to help her find the right path by exploring beautiful and stunning monuments, parks, historical sites, and vantage points.

The mysteries unfold with mesmerizing audio effects, puzzles, excursions, and various detours. This version is now available for tablets and mobile phones. Besides, it facilitates cloud storage, regular updates, and eight new chapters with spectacular illusions.

Sky Dancer Premium: artistic, fantasy challenge

This run game surprises you with impossible obstacles and elegant settings. It is one of the best paid Android games for endless running in 3D atmospherics. You have to run faster and faster to jump over great distances. The movie-style stunts ensure great action, heart-racing thrills, and lively fun.

The addicting game offers smooth controls and breathtaking graphics. So, you will love falling from the sky or landing safely to garner more points. Besides, you can choose from 4 different characters. The exciting adventure has clear skies, storms, dangerous cliffs, abysses, and scenic islands. Choose the ad-free special version and revel in the riveting tactics for a relaxing, yet addictive experience.

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Out There: Omega Edition is a sci-fi masterpiece

This game lets you explore space with far and mysterious galaxies. You play a lost astronaut who has to survive with clever strategies. The dark themes and captivating graphics take you to alien worlds with strange technologies. It is not so much about combat, but inimical environment and change.

Yes, you have to adapt and speak alien languages along the way. The sound effects are spectacular, as are the vast areas for gameplay. Challenge yourself by drifting through the void, spotting new planets, and filling up the oxygen supplies. This futuristic game is eerie, but it has enjoyable thrills.

Stardew Valley: one of the best paid Android games

This is a simulation game with farming and beautiful countryside. You inherit grandpa’s land, move to the town, and have an exhilarating time. Turn the neglected field into a lush, green farm for pleasure and business. You can also decorate the home, customize the farm, and do various things.

Become a smart farmer, mingle with the townsfolk, and spend with care. But first, you have to marry, fish, cook food, tend to the cattle, earn money, and shop. There are side adventures too, like Winter Mystery, Qi’s Challenge, and Skull Cavern monsters. It is a great game for 80 to 100 hours of pure, unadulterated enjoyment.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance: paid Android game for strategists

This strategic war game involves defenses and conquests. The premium version has vicious enemies, powerful kingdoms, sizeable armies, and battalions. You have a minimum of 10 heroes to command and lead to victory. The exciting gameplay has diverse goals, innovative items, and key revelations.

Destroy all the enemies by carefully choosing the weapon supplies. Build and customize an arsenal using great graphics and in-game controllers. And, the game offers fresh updates with mysterious quests, epic battles, and legendary face-offs.

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Star Wars: knights of the old republic(KOTOR)

This KOTOR release from the popular franchise is breathtaking. The epic story takes you 4000 years before the Galactic Empire’s beginnings. The touch screen optimized interfaces are simple and easy to access. Moreover, the full-feature HID controls and customization help you roam eight different worlds.

Take the Starship through familiar locations like Kashyk and Tattoine. Carefully choose a group from a total of nine different factions and characters. You can explore the dark side and play the villain or play the savior and hero with grace, agility, and valor.

Reigns: Her Majesty – a paid Android game for twist-lovers

This historical Renaissance game created an enlightened kingdom with widespread knowledge. Your job is to save it from enemies and conspirators. Their jealousy, greed, and anger are also targeted at your family members. So make smart decisions by exercising your free will at every step of the game.

Gameplay with royal politics has murder, intrigue, and secret dalliances. But you have to find the right strategy to ensure the kingdom’s safety. Thankfully, you can unlock mystical powers, locate and upgrade effective functions to fight the opponents. And there are over 200 new characters too.

Crashlands: thrilling best paid Android games

This RPG space adventure will keep you on the edge of the seat. Flux Dabes is a savvy galactic tracker, and you play his character. Sadly, the alien Hewgodooko stole and ran away with your shipment. Now there is an exciting task that requires intelligence, wit, and clever tactics from you.

The objective is to save the world from alien attack and retrieve the stolen goods. But first, you have to display admirable combat skills to tame the inimical creatures. Also, the character evolves and progresses in RPG style with access to powerful and infinite inventory. Encounter mysterious people, visit strange places, and rely on more than 500 crafting items to succeed.

Does this list of best paid Android games excite you?

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